60GHz Technology V-Band Wireless – Health and Safety

V-Band 60GHz Technology Health and Safety

60GHz V-Band Technology is one of the safest wireless technologies. In an era where the public want reassurance that wireless technologies are safe to humans, we provide a factual summary.   Here’s why our 60GHz V-band radios are safe:
  • VERY low transmit power:  10mW (milliwatts).   Compare with WiFi (200 milliwatts) and your cellphone (1000 to 2000 milliwatts).    This tiny transmit power is the lowest of any commonly used wireless technology today, and is 1/100 the power of your cellphone.
  • Only deployed outdoors, above head-height.  The radios are not installed near humans, and you’re not going to be walking through these low power beams.   The radios are deployed on roof top locations typically.
  • Unlike your cellphone, which you press directly to your head, these units are never in direct proximity or contact with humans.
  • Directional beams:  rather than emitting signals in all directions, 60GHz Wireless links direct this low energy level ONLY in the direction which it is needed – towards the precise location of the other end of the link.
  • Beam steering technology is used to keep the signal “locked on” only to the other end of the link, not pointing elsewhere.
  • Beam spreading: the beams spread out as they propagate, becoming weaker in signal strength for every metre travelled.   Also specific to 60GHz, the beam is further absorbed by Oxygen in the atmosphere, decreasing the power level even further.  Thus the further from the wireless device a person is situated, the lower this power level becomes.
  • The frequencies used (60GHz) are in the millimeter wave section of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This is NON-IONISING radiation, just like any other radio signal.   There are no “good” or “bad” frequencies in the radio, microwave or millimeter bands.

RF power levels

Our 60GHz V-band radios transmit at 1/20 the power of your wifi and 1/100 the power of your cellphone, and are never installed indoors near humans. Compare V-band radios with a TV mast: Crystal Palace in London currently transmits digital terrestrial Television at over 1200kW (1.2 MEGAWATT, or 1,200,000 watts), and has been transmitting TV since 1956.  That is 120 MILLION TIMES more power than a V-band 60GHz radio, and transmitting for over 60 years.   Did you hear “5G protesters” complaining about TV transmitters?  No, because it’s not new, and no widespread history of health effects over 60 years …

Historic use of 60GHz frequencies: it’s not new !

60GHz has already been used for decades:  60GHz radios have been used commercially since 2001, and for other applications since the 1990’s, in many cities worldwide.  Long before 5G was even dreamed up, Point-to-Point radios all over the world have used 60GHz band now for decades.  There have been NO reported health issues from 60GHz during ALL of this time, no protests, and no studies suggesting that they could, or would cause any harm. If you’ve read recent scare-mongering about 5G, stop and think rationally. These 60GHz frequencies have been used for decades already with no known adverse effects or health reports.  Considerable safety research has been done.

Why is our 60GHz Technology considered safe?

Modern V-band 60GHz radios meet all global standards for health and safety of wireless devices.  Furthermore, our radios are the lowest power of any outdoor wireless device used today, anywhere in the world.   These radios are located in areas away from direct proximity to humans and therefore represent the least exposure of any wireless device.

Is this 5G technology?

The radios described on this site do not use 5G standards or technology.  They use an extension of WiFi technology, extended to the 60GHz band.  This standard is called 802.11ad or 802.11ay, and is an international standard for wireless transmission, specifically intended for devices like these operating at these low power levels.

What forms of wireless are less safe?

Cellphones: The highest RF exposure you will get in your life is from your OWN cellphone, because when you use it, you hold it to your head whilst making a call.  The transmitter in your cellphone emits at 1W (1 Watt) and is just 5 millimeters from your brain. The radio signals (typically in the range 800MHz up to 2.6GHz)enter your body, and actually do heat your brain. Yet Billions of people have regularly used cellphones for decades, with no widespread health effects measured.  Meanwhile, thousands of lives are saved every year by emergency calls made using these phones.   Logic tells us that we should weigh up the clear BENEFIT of mobile phones – which regularly save lives of our loved ones – versus irrational fear of 5G conspiracists, who have no supporting evidence. TV masts: Crystal Palace in London currently transmits digital terrestrial Television at over 1200kW (1.2 MEGAWATT, or 1,200,000 watts), and has been transmitting TV since 1956.  That is 120 MILLION TIMES more power than a V-band 60GHz radio, and has been transmitting for over 60 years.   Are “5G protesters” complaining about TV transmitters? No, because there’s no widespread history of health effects even over 60 years. Airport Radars:   To keep planes flying safely, airport radars transmit pulses up to 25kW (25 kilowatts, or 25,000 Watts) into the air, with average power 2.1kW (2100 Watts).  Interestingly, these signals are at similar frequencies to 3G, 4G and 5G.  In the USA, 2.7 – 2.9 GHz is used.  Yet nobody complains about these high power levels of radar, which has been in constant use since the 1930s:  90 years. X-rays: Another high level of radiation you likely will receive in your life is a medical X-ray.  This is significant because X-rays are ionizing radiation, (compared to radio waves which are non-ionising – and hence don’t have the health risk).  You’ll notice Radiographer operators are carefully shielded from the radiation because they use it every day.  Did you refuse an X-ray at the hospital/dentist?    No, because the alternative is to live suffering with pain, or worse.  Scientists carefully measure and manage the risk and lifetime dose levels to ensure you are kept safe. We accept their word, because they are reputable healthcare professionals and scientists, backed by decades of data, unlike the 5G conspiracists.

What if I’m still concerned?

  • Please contact your local Health and Safety officer.
  • Please read latest World Health Organisation (WHO) advice for wireless networks.  A link to their site is here:
  • The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) dictates standards of compliance to be provided with planning applications and for operators to continue to ensure all sites remain compliant
  • Check regional or national government advice: a link to Public Health England is below:
  • UK telecom regulator OFCOM have a useful page of links here:
  • Please ask for a safety audit of your site if you have wireless equipment installed.
Quotation from the World Health Organisation (WHO):
“From all evidence accumulated so far, no adverse short- or long-term health effects have been shown to occur from the RF signals produced by base stations. Since wireless networks produce generally lower RF signals than base stations, no adverse health effects are expected from exposure to them” “Conclusions Considering the very low exposure levels and research results collected to date, there is no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stations and wireless networks cause adverse health effects. “

Advice from Public Health England (PHE):

Public Health England (PHE) is responsible for advising the UK Government on EMF exposure. It monitors the health-related evidence applicable to radio-wave exposures and is committed to providing any advice that might be necessary. PHE’s advice is that no negative effects on public health are anticipated with 5G. A summary of PHE advice on radio waves, including relevant research, can be accessed in the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/electromagnetic-fields#radio-waves

What if I disbelieve the current advice/guidelines?

All humans have irrational fear: the fear of the unknown.  We can calm our fears by reading up the latest advice and research on wireless standards and safety guidelines, or by listening to impartial experts who don’t work in the wireless industrying. As of today, ALL the advice is that low power wireless is completely safe, with no known side effects.  There are no known adverse effects to humans. If we persist in disbelieving the current advice – or doubting it – we have to accept that our fear is irrational, and not based on science.

Should we revert to NO wireless technology to remove ALL risk?

Wireless transmission is not new: Marconi pioneered wireless transmission in 1895 – 125 years ago.  Ever since then our global population (now over 7 billion of us) have been surrounded by wireless transmitting devices, of all frequency bands and power levels. If we wanted to remove ALL wireless transmitters, that means removing:
  • TV transmitters
  • Civilian Airport radars & aircraft radars
  • Weather radars
  • Military radars
  • Police Radios
  • Ambulance Radios
  • Fire Service Radios
  • DAB/ Radio transmitters
  • Cellphone Base Stations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) transmitters
  • Satellite transmission dishes (TV news, etc)
  • Point to point microwave links
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
Are we prepared to remove ALL of the above services from our civilisation? Think hard about what this question means: Because TV transmitters, Radars and Emergency service radios are at the TOP of the power levels for wireless transmission.  TV, radio and emergency radios operate at much higher power levels than 4G and 5G masts, for example.  If we want to clear the airwaves, logically we would remove them first.   And we have to stop using our mobile phones. That means no first responders for fire, police and ambulance crews to come and save you and your loved ones in times of emergency, and no air flights anywhere either. In context, the WHO and all credible science says there’s no credible evidence of health risk.   Yet turning off ALL of these radios will certainly result in human deaths as people fail to reach medical services on time, or fires burn homes down.   A study of ethics means that even if we disbelieve the science and data, and don’t want wireless technology, logically one would still have to retain at least SOME of the wireless services to prevent those people dying.  And that means at least some of these wireless transmissions will be all around us.


We can’t remove ALL of the wireless around us, because if we do, large numbers of people suffer and die.    The technology presented on this site – 60GHz V-band – is the lowest power wireless technology – and the safest.

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