CableFree for 60GHz V-band Wireless Networks

Choose CableFree for V-band 60GHz MMW radios:
CableFree V-band MMW radios are ideal for dense urban areas: Reliable 1Gbps P2P & P2MP for Backhaul, Campus, Metro Network & Safe City CCTV.

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Introducing CableFree V-band 60GHz radios

CableFree: Secure, Fast & dependable

CableFree V-band MMW uses latest generation technology to ensure your networks are secure, fast & dependable

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A wide range of V-band radios including Point to Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Sector, CPE & Mesh Base Station Products

CableFree 60GHz V-band MMW Radio

Features and Benefits for Metro Networks

  • Rugged and Reliable Carrier-grade design
  • 1Gbps full duplex capacity
  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint configurations are supported
  • Base Stations with 10GBE ports for up to 4Gbps full duplex aggregate capacity
  • High Gain radio units for long distance point to point links as well as larger Point to Multipoint networks
  • Compact, low-cost CPE units for remote sites with low visual impact
  • Advanced security features: includes optional encryption, Access Control Lists (ACL), secure IPSEC tunnels and other features to create ultra secure urban wireless networks
  • Multicast Filtering support for CCTV applications to prevent “flooding” of your network with multicast traffic from cameras
  • Builds on our 24 year heritage in design and supply of reliable, mission critical wireless networks
  • Manufactured in the UK in our ISO-9001 certified facility

60GHz V-Band and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The 57-64 GHz band is located in the millimeter-wave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, where the wavelength varies from ten millimeters (30 GHz) down to one millimeter (300 GHz).
The millimeter-wave portion of the RF spectrum has been largely unexploited for commercial wireless applications. That is now changing. 60GHz-Wireless has used its well-established expertise in millimeter-wave products and technologies to develop wireless products operating in that spectrum that enable two-way wireless communications at data rates that previously could only be accomplished with fiber optic cable.
In addition to the high-data rates that can be accomplished in this spectrum, energy propagation in the 60 GHz band has unique characteristics that make possible many other benefits such as excellent immunity to interference, high security, and frequency re-use. In this paper, we will discuss in detail the benefits of wireless communications in the 57 to 64 GHz band.


CableFree V-band 60GHz radios are ideal for building modern, urban wireless networks

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