City-Scale Metro Wireless Networks: V-Band 60GHz Radios

Use CableFree to Build modern Wireless Metro Networks using V-band 60GHz MMW radios:

CableFree 60GHz V-band MMW radios are ideal for dense urban metro areas:
CableFree Millimeter Wave Radios are ideal and reliable 1Gbps P2P & P2MP for 4G & 5G Backhaul, Campus, Metro Network & Safe City CCTV & Smart City Applications.

60GHz V-band CableFree Radios for dense metro wireless urban networks

CableFree V-band 60GHz MMW tech is secure, fast & dependable

Features and Benefits for Metro Networks

  • Rugged and Reliable Carrier-grade design
  • 1Gbps full duplex capacity
  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint configurations are supported
  • Base Stations with 10GBE ports for up to 4Gbps full duplex aggregate capacity
  • High Gain radio units for long distance point to point links as well as larger Point to Multipoint networks
  • Compact, low-cost CPE units for remote sites with low visual impact
  • Advanced security features: includes optional encryption, Access Control Lists (ACL), secure IPSEC tunnels and other features to create ultra secure urban wireless networks
  • Multicast Filtering support for CCTV applications to prevent “flooding” of your network with multicast traffic from cameras
  • Builds on our 24 year heritage in design and supply of reliable, mission critical wireless networks
  • Manufactured in the UK in our ISO-9001 certified facility


CableFree V-band 60GHz radios are ideal for building modern, urban wireless networks

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